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100+ Ways Grant Writing Unicorns Celebrate Wins!

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by Rose Hedberg, Marketing Coordinator & Director of Enterprise Cohorts
October 29, 2023
 100+ Ways Grant Writing Unicorns Celebrate Wins!


Celebrating wins is a core value at Learn Grant Writing. Big or small wins, we take the act of celebrating seriously. In fact, the entire Global Grant Writers Collective does. Within our community group, Circle, we have a channel dedicated to “Wins + Gratitude”. You’d be hard pressed to find a post sharing a win where someone neglects to comment: “How are you celebrating?”

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Why Celebration Matters

Celebrating wins - regardless of how small - matters a great deal. This value was born and bred from co-founder Alex Lustig. Why? Celebrating creates a culture of recognition. It feels good to take a moment to recognize the time, energy, and hard work we put into achieving a task, overcoming a fear, creating a mindset shift, or pushing through imposter syndrome.

It can also be a little uncomfortable to take the moment to actually recognize our own hard work. Celebrating is an amazing tool in our self-worth toolbox. How often would we take a friend out for coffee because she did something that she worked really hard for? How often have we sent flowers or a card to a friend to mark a special moment? You deserve this kind of love too. When we ask ourselves: “How will I celebrate this moment in my journey?” It’s also saying: “I deserve to feel worthy of the thing that I just accomplished.” “I am worthy of celebration.” If that last statement makes you feel uncomfortable, I dare you to celebrate yourself this week. Lean into the discomfort. I promise you, it’s worth it.

Celebrating wins is the next step after completing a hard thing. Taking the moment to mark the achievement helps us to get through the next hard thing. Through reflection and remembrance, we know we’ve done hard things in the past. Therefore, we know we can do them in the future. How empowering?!

a screenshot of the exciting wins from a collective member

How Unicorns Celebrate Wins

We asked Unicorns to share how they celebrate wins. Here are their answers and a few of our own:

  1. Attending Disney on Ice
  2. Food rewards - especially trying brand new restaurants
  3. An outing for Boba tea
  4. Planning a short camping trip for when I get my first funding strategy
  5. Chocolate torte at my favorite pizza place
  6. Chocolate bar in general
  7. Getting a fiction book and reading it
  8. A home improvement gift like extra amazing throw pillows
  9. New candle
  10. In-house dance party to Beyonce when I get a signed contract
  11. Dinner with a view
  12. Sushi
  13. Buying a new book I want, but don't need
  14. Day at the spa
  15. Purple lipstick because I can
  16. I cook myself something yummy
  17. Go out to a new restaurant that I've been wanting to try
  18. Do something fun with my partner or a friend
  19. A few hours off the next day after finishing a big grant to go for an extra long walk with the dog
  20. A backcountry ski
  21. A bike ride
  22. Buying a cappuccino and a baked good from a favorite bakery
  23. Buying something I want, but don't need
  24. Champagne or a dinner out at a nice restaurant (or both)!
  25. a bottle of champagne and glitter behind it
  26. A picnic in the park
  27. Writing a gratitude journal entry
  28. Creating a vision board for my future goals
  29. Watching the sunrise
  30. Treating myself to a day at the art museum
  31. Treating myself to a new gadget or tech toy
  32. Total decadence with a massage
  33. Adventure day on the zip-line
  34. Wine tasting at a vineyard
  35. Booking a weekend at a cozy cabin in the Rocky Mountains
  36. Writing a heartfelt letter (yes, words are my love language!)
  37. A day in the garden to plant and play
  38. Volunteering in the community
  39. Taking a well-deserved day off work to relax
  40. Lighting up the BBQ for a backyard cookout
  41. A night around the firepit and under the stars
  42. Organizing a themed costume party, well why not?
  43. Trying a new craft
  44. An adventure at one of those Locked Room places
  45. Booking a yoga retreat
  46. Sending thank-you notes to those who supported you
  47. Creating a playlist of songs that totally rock and remind me I’m awesome!
  48. Booking a professional headshot photoshoot
  49. Participating in a charity run
  50. A scenic hike
  51. a leafy autumn trail
  52. Attending a seminar I’ve been lurking at
  53. Taking a cooking class
  54. Exploring a new city for a stay-cation
  55. Taking a mixology class
  56. A poolside day of sun
  57. A DIY craft day
  58. Attending a cultural festival
  59. Booking a family photo session
  60. Camping in the great outdoors
  61. Booking a getaway to a tropical paradise
  62. Taking a wine or whiskey tasting tour
  63. Having a dance party in my living room
  64. Wearing a lavish costume all day
  65. Belting my favorite song at the top of my lungs (What’s Up by Four Non Blondes)
  66. Tossing confetti in the air and letting it rain down on me
  67. Eating brinner (breakfast for dinner)
  68. Making a celebratory TikTok dance video
  69. Writing a cheesy victory speech and delivering it to a mirror
  70. Having a water balloon fight with my kiddos
  71. Playing a round of mini-golf or putt-putt with my partner
  72. Buying myself a bouquet of flowers
  73. Having marshmallows over the fire
  74. Creating a chalk mural on the sidewalk
  75. A playlist of my guilty pleasure songs
  76. Picking up some exotic sweet treats
  77. a box of sweet treats
  78. Having a picnic with all my favorite childhood snacks
  79. Wearing a crown all day
  80. Decorating my space with balloons
  81. Building a blanket fort and binge-watching my favorite shows
  82. A spontaneous dance party in my living room
  83. A day of pajamas and ice cream
  84. A backyard slip 'n slide
  85. A "Silent Disco" where everyone dances with wireless headphones
  86. Taking an aerial yoga class
  87. Attending an improv workshop
  88. Upgrading my business setup with some new tech
  89. A relaxing bubble bath
  90. Buying a unicorn onesie
  91. Mocktail party to celebrate
  92. An afternoon of nothing but cuddling up with a good book and a delicious beverage
  93. Joining a flash mob
  94. Wiggling on the rooftop to my favorite jams
  95. Packing a picnic for a sunset celebration
  96. Checking out the Meow Wolf in my city
  97. Buying coffee for a stranger (pay it forward)
  98. Getting my nails done
  99. Going to the beach
  100. Trying one of those Hibachi grill restaurants
  101. Ordering the biggest, most outrageously decorated, and over the top beverage at Starbucks
  102. Buying myself an adult coloring book
  103. Baking unicorn cupcakes
  104. a cupcake with unicorn decorations

Types Of Wins Unicorns Celebrate

Unicorns have a lot to celebrate! In the Global Grant Writers Collective, we make sure to pull out the confetti to mark different milestones along the journey such as making the first $3K, getting certified, landing a full time job, or getting to $50K as a consultant. Unicorns bring their own flare and celebrate all manner of their journey.

Celebrating wins like

  • Joining the Collective
  • Sending out informational interview requests
  • First informational interview
  • First paid client
  • First Funding Strategy
  • Passing certification
  • First grant
  • Winning a grant
  • Landing a job
  • Landing a new client
  • Financial markers
  • Coming up out of the valley of despair
  • Attending a workshop
  • Attending a coaching call

You can check out more wins and celebrations on our reviews page here.


Change is slow and clunky, at times uncomfortable, but necessary if you want to archetype a life you love. Keeping your path full of momentum requires a bit of patience and a whole lot of celebration! Wins big or small deserve your attention!

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Rose Hedberg Rose is a world traveler with a flare for creative writing. She has 10+ years of writing experience. She is a certified freelance grant writer and the founder of a writing services company called Ideas Write Now. As a grant consultant, she has worked with nonprofits in Cambodia, Nicaragua, California, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, helping them to research and pursue funding. Rose is the Marketing Coordinator and Director of Enterprise cohorts at Learn Grant Writing. When she’s not marking up the pages of her favorite book, she’s sipping on coffee and chasing sunsets abroad.

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